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BRAYSONS GROUP LTD is an IT Consultant and Supplies Company that specializes in the provision of cost effective products and services ranging from IT support Services like Web Design and Development, Mobile Apps. Development, Online Marketing and many others. We focus on delivering high-impact solutions that incorporate customized functionality specific to our client’s requirements. We believe in creating a collaborative and rewarding environment where our customers can maximize the benefits of the goods they purchase. At Braysons Group, we pride ourselves in forging business partnerships, built on the principles of honesty, sustainability, creativity and innovation. We see our customers as family and fiercely protect their best interests. Our extensive Track Record speaks for itself.

Our Vision

Our vision is defined by the word perfection. We are perfect group, with perfect vision, perfect goal. We work perfectly as a team striving to ensure that customer centrism is as given prominence.


BRAYSONS GROUP LTD revolves around a collaborative decision among company stakeholders and seeks to create tailored pricing which encourages loyalty of customers while considering their satisfaction.. Our service to customers is outstanding and is meant to ensure community responsive approach of trade, which can also allow customers to have an environment where they can interact to give their experiences on the products and services we have. The company idea began in 2014 in Nairobi, Kenya. Piece by piece, the company management has endeavoured to ensure that it remains on top of the mark in regards to international trade by involving expert personnel and informed team. We pride ourselves as being a vibrant and a forward thinking business company that embraces innovation, takes advantage of cutting-edge business strategies while still understanding the invaluable knowledge we can gain from industry veterans. We are about maintaining our uncompromising core values of focusing on providing the services needed by our customers. We invest everything into developing new products that would certain set us above our competitors.
Our versatile team is flexible, agile and always prepared to serve. We understand the importance of continuity and consistency; therefore our qualified team endeavour to build a unique, trusted relationship with our customers; whilst ensuring knowledge transfer to our clients and utilizing our internal knowledge management system. We remain focused on our role as leaders in supply. We take pride in being the main source of quality products.


Braysons Group Limited has been delivering world classical services for over 3 years now and our experience is vast as well as diverse. We specialize in IT support, database application, Electrical Installation & Maintainance & General Supplies. You will not find another company that cares about your desire as much as Braysons.


We have completed projects for hundreds of individuals, small companies, startups companies as well as large corporations. When calling web design companies for pricing you will talk to freelancers claiming to be a company and offshore companies claiming to be in Kenya. You will get pricing that ranges so wide that it leaves most consumers confused. Unfortunately we have no control over the industry as a whole, but what we do have control over is trying to help you understand our process and why you are getting such wide ranges in pricing. You will find after calling 3 to 5 companies that our price will be right in the middle. As with any other industry that is not regulated or commercialized you get those who take no pride in what they do and will quote prices so low that is scares most people. Then you get the ones that will price a project so high for one of two reasons. Either the project is beyond their experience and they are going outsource it and still make some profit or they are very proud of what they do and think you should pay dearly for their services. It is usually the later though and we have found the ones that range in pricing so much are either freelancers or offshore companies. So if you feel you must shop around just educate yourself on choosing a good company to handle your project. Braysons will explain every detail of the process, time lines, explain the cost as well as provide everything in writing outlining in detail exactly what our responsibilities are as well as your own.

Our Merits

  • Unique and creative solutions that meet the customers’ expectations not only by realizing their business objectives, but particularly by our strict adherence to ethical principle of public relations
  • Continuous search for opportunities beyond the agreed business objectives
  • Creative approaches to customers’ special needs in order to find unique and tailored services solutions
  • Team work based on the implementation of progressive products
  • Professional quality of services provided by a highly motivated team
  • Courage and readiness to communicate on behalf of clients in crisis
  • 24/7 availability

Why Us

  • Specific

    We sit down with you to fully understand your objectives, and prepare a detailed written plan that defines the business requirements and scope of the project. The plan identifies resources and establishes a firm time line.

  • Measurable

    We segment the project into manageable chunks and establish measurements for each milestone. This keeps your project on track and allows us to immediately address troublesome issues that could cause delays.

  • Agreed Upon

    We get to work following your sign off on the plan, maintaining communications with you throughout the project and moving forward according to the plan’s terms and outlined time-frame.

  • Realistic

    We ensure that our plans are thorough and incorporate the right resources to deliver the most customizable solution for you on time and on budget.

  • Time- Framed

    We honor the schedule outlined in the plan. This allows us to monitor progress and detect, isolate and resolve problems before they become major obstacles. This keeps your project on track to completion.